Lesbian Best Friends?

Two young women lying on harbor rocks at dusk

Ida and Jonna had met four years ago through a friend they had in common, at a house party. Initially, they did not talk much but there was something that made them curious about each other, so they stayed in touch until one day they realized they had hobbies in common.

At first it felt like an ordinary friendship to Ida, but eventually she realized that she was beginning to like her a bit more. Ida could have never imagined that something like that could happpen to her since, all of her life, she saw herself as straight. Up until that moment, Ida had been in love with the same guy for four whole years.

It all started with laughter, jokes, sleepovers, then a different thing happened; we started to find stupid excuses just to touch each other’s hands, then came the “I miss you” texts, when they spent a month apart. There were also many compliments like “you have nice legs”, “your back is nice” or “your skin is soft” or “you look really good in those undies”. At this point, Ida had already completely fallen for Jonna and she began to accept that she really liked her. Then things escalated to a point where every time we were in each other’s towns, we slept together in the same bed and cuddled and snuggled but nothing more.

Ida started to feel like she was the only one who had feelings of affection beyond friendship. Ida thought she was a masochist and started to feel jealous of her other friends, then one night they were sleeping in the same bed and Ida was sad and tried to take some distance but suddenly Jonna put her arms around her chest, brushing her breasts and whispered softly in her ear: “What happened?”