Modelling in the Shower

zestaw-prysznicowy-iii-model-3d-o-ceanIt was September and the term had just started, and so had fall. The rain was incessant and it was starting to get cold. Frida and Emma had been best friends since preschool but now they were both in university. Frida was into photography and arts and Emma was in med school.

It was the previous afternoon that Frida noticed that she was a bit uncomfortable or nervous around Emma, which had never happened to her before. That evening she could not stop thinking of the brightness of Emma’s chocolate brown eyes, her hair, her graciousness, her moves, and started thinking that doing a photo shoot with her would be appropriate since she felt like Emma could be the perfect model for her.

Many thoughts attacked Frida’s head as she was lying in bed, and suddenly and absent mindedly she found herself browsing through Emma’s pictures on Facebook, smiling at her with her perfect face. She really did not feel like going out tonight, but she had promised her friends she would be there. Thinking about getting out of bed, she started to stretch, and take off her blouse and suddenly she realized that she was wearing a bra she had borrowed from Emma a long time ago and never returned.

She got out of bed and got to the bathroom, where she looked in the mirror. Her “body was not bad at all either” she thought, and started to wonder if Emma also would think she had a nice body. So almost automatically, she took her phone and snapped a few selfies, trying to look as sexy and casual as possible. Emma -“do you recognize this bra?”- send.

The answer came back immediately: “No, but I recognize what’s in it (and a smiley)”. Frida’s blood rushed to her thorax, and a bit lower too. Immediately came a second message, with a picture of Emma, completely naked and covering her most “private parts”. “Is that all you got?” Replied Emma, defiantly. “My, this is going to be a fun night”, thought Frida.