Modernization of the Harlequin Romance

safe-haven09For years, erotica has been a genre of writing, often categorized as Harlequin Romance, that has not received enough credit for its amazing popularity and attention to detail.With the rising popularity of sexuality in modern culture, the acceptance of erotic fiction has risen and been at the forefront of media and entertainment of society. Recently, the exposure to sex has been encouraged and the exploration of sexual desires is recognized as healthy and positive.

New Audience for the Erotica Genre

The modern environment has become saturated with sexually explicit images and often striking sexual content. Erotic literature possesses a subtlety that is often received with more positivity than other methods of exploring sexuality. The modernization of the classic Harlequin romance in books such as Fifty Shades of Grey and Nine and a Half Weeks has helped erotic literature grow in popularity. Each of these novels were such a phenomenon each was supported by the release of a full length feature film and have both adapted the way the public perceives erotic literature. The release of full length features has opened up discussion to a much broader audience and raised the acceptance by creating a dialogue around the content.

Modern Sexual Exploration

Erotic literature has been a recent phenomenon and created discussion around some sexual explorations that many individuals were previously aware of. People have been inspired with new ways to be intimate through erotic literature which has created a strong demand for these novels. Erotic literature provides women with a method of exploring sexuality that is not as striking and bold as some of the current sexual genres. This has been a very positive contribution to society as it has provided women with a method of stimulation that was missing from their lives.

Erotic literature has provided the world with some of the most popular novels in modern society and has exposed individuals to new forms of sexual exploration, especially for women. Make sure you take a look and explore some of the great erotica titles that have been released throughout history as they can awaken a new found sexuality.