The Not-So-Subtle Print inside His Brown Chinos

4It was a crisp Tuesday morning, with the mood just right for conducting an interview. Jenna was organizing the interview questions when she heard a commotion right outside the door. Curiosity got the better of her and Jenna peeped outside. Anna was standing with her arms crossed arguing with one of the interviewees.

She was telling the young man that he was inappropriately dressed for the interview and as much as Jenna hated to admit, on looking him up from head to toe, Anna had a point. He had a clingy white tee that showed off his gym-honed muscles and light brown chinos.

Jenna approached the arguing two-some and cleared her throat to get their attention and immediately, she locked eyes with the would-be interviewee. He was a real Greek god, and slowly her eyes drifted down to his pants, and she couldn’t hold back a gasp! He had a ginormous dick print. As if on cue, her mouth filled with saliva. She could see herself down on her knees and taking him full on in her mouth which made her hot under the collar.

“Do we have a problem?” asked Jenna

“My name is Adam and my house was cleaned out by thugs last night and now she’s telling me I may miss out on this job opportunity…”

Jenna introduced herself and told Anna that they could make an exception since the case was out of the ordinary and so they proceeded to the interview room.

Later in the day, Jenna knocked on Adam’s hotel room. They had discreetly exchanged contacts after the interview, but she hadn’t honestly thought she was going to show up at his hotel room. Jenna had never been that kind of girl, but the print in Adam’s pants was not something she was willing to forfeit.

15 minutes later, Jenna’s fantasy became a reality and she pushed any last bit of fear out of her head. “I hope you like it rough,” these are the last words she remembered before he shattered her to delightful pieces.