Understanding Sexuality in the Modern Era

imageIt’s a fact that there has been a lot of debate going on around the world over matters related to sex of humans. People are stuck with the general definition of sexuality and seem to be in tiff with anything that is beyond their cultural conditioning, when contrarily, truth of the matter is that the paradigm has shifted recently.

Sexuality has been associated with religion mostly, and all the religions take into consideration the mating between men and women. However, in 16th century, sculptures depicting homosexuality were built in the Indian temples. It’s rather ironic that homosexuality is a criminal offence in India, by the current laws.

In the deeper context and understanding of sexuality, it is believed that love, in fact, has no gender. On top of that, sexuality isn’t something that can be controlled, or should be controlled. However, all the debates related to sexuality come from different lines of thoughts. Most of the times, these line of thoughts are biased and ill informed. It is about time that people learn to redefine the meaning and definition of sexuality.

Even the films and media representing sexuality need to be sensitive about representing the issue. For example, not all gay men are fun loving and live out loud creatures. There are so many kinds of stereotype involving the nature of homosexual or even heterosexual for that matter. It is about time that these stereotypes are dismantled step by step, and people should be allowed to follow their inner self.

Moreover, one should be just involved with their own sexuality, and not consider others sexuality their own business. In the end, human beings are trying to live a life the way they want, and anything other than this is untrue. Sexuality in modern era is constantly being misrepresented and this definitely needs to change big time.